Civil Litigation

Going to court can be a demanding and stressful process. Unfortunately, matters will arise which cannot be resolved in any other way. Our client-focused litigation team is experienced in a variety of areas such as estate disputes, defamationwrongful dismissalcontractual disputes, debt collection, arbitrationbankruptcy and receivership, and a variety of other commercial and business-related issues.

If litigation is required, we are prepared to deal with your issue in the most effective and efficient manner possible. However, we also strongly encourage alternative dispute resolution wherever possible. This process involves ways of solving disputes without going to court. We encourage mediation, arbitration, and other measures designed to resolve disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner available to the client.

Jordan LesterNathan Wainwright, and Tyra Ohman all practice in litigation.

Corporate Law

Cheadles Business and Corporate group comprises team members with expertise in areas such as purchase and sale of a business, advertising, franchise and distribution and private equity and venture capital.

In addition to delivering timely advice and practical solutions to clients facing a wide variety of legal and business challenges, we take pride in providing clients with unparalleled service. Our professionals are recognized as being at the forefront of the business and corporate commercial world.

Real Estate

Ken Ritson, Rosa Carlino, Kaitlin Roka, Doug Shanks, Cody Fraser and Karson Blackwood devote a substantial amount of their practice to both residential and commercial real estate. Matters such as the acquisition and sale of landfinancingland-use planning and other issues which may arise in the course of business are handled with expertise.

Our real estate lawyers also have extensive experience in Condominium Law in Thunder Bay. Cheadles has represented many developers, in the establishment of a number of condominium proposals in Thunder Bay and the firm provides ongoing advice to a number of condominium corporations on their day to day operations.

In addition, Cheadles also represents various developers in the design and creation of residential plans of subdivision and in the sale of their lots.

Estates and Estate Planning

When dealing with estates, you generally require a lawyer for two main purposes: planning and administration

Estate planning involves the organization of one’s personal affairs through the use of wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and trusts. Proper estate planning accomplishes the desired distribution of a one’s assets during one’s life and after death in the most tax-effective manner. Proper planning further ensures that one’s estate is distributed to the correct beneficiaries, as there are many factors that can unexpectedly impact this, such as marriage, adoption, etc. Additionally, many people assume that estate planning only deals with what happens after one dies. However, it also involves the determination of who will be the decision maker when someone is incapacitated, during one’s lifetime. It is imperative that one has considered all relevant factors and has taken steps to manage their estate appropriately. Because of the complexities of this area, a lawyer with experience and knowledge specifically in estate planning is crucial to ensure that you receive the best advice possible in your situation.

The administration of an estate involves assisting an estate trustee with the interpretation of the will (if any), appointment by the relevant court, payment of estate administration taxes (if necessary), and the eventual distribution of the assets. Since not all individuals properly plan for their deaths, in some situations, the administration of an estate can prove to be a complicated process. Administration of an estate can be a multifaceted and confusing process and as such, experienced legal counsel is recommended.

Doug ShanksKen RitsonRosa Carlino, and Kaitlin Roka devote a substantial portion of their practices to both estate planning and estate administration.

Be sure to check out our articles on Wills and Estates for some helpful information.

Commercial Law

A corporation must fulfill many legal requirements on a yearly basis. These include the filing of documents and fees with the government, the keeping of minutes of meetings, and other administrative matters. In addition there may be a time when you have questions or concerns about corporate restructuring, including the buying and selling of business assets and/or shares.

Doug ShanksKen RitsonRosa CarlinoCody Fraser and Karson Blackwood devote a substantial portion of their practices to commercial matters.

Employment and Labour Law

Employment and labour issues may arise from time to time in any business.  This area of law is ever-evolving and becoming increasingly complex.

The Employment and Labour Law team at Cheadles has represented clients in many of the leading court cases in Ontario, and regularly appear before many labour tribunals, with experience with Employment Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, Human Rights and Pay Equity issues as well.

Cheadles represents clients from the employer’s standpoint in the collective-bargaining process, from the negotiation and preparation to the interpretation of collective agreements, and any grievances that arise. We also represent many employee-side clients in wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal matters, as well as Human Rights claims.

Recently, Don Shanks was approved as a Certified Specialist in Labour Law by the Law Society of Ontario.

Trademarks and Copyright Law

Rosa Carlino and Doug Shanks practice extensively in the area of intellectual property law.  They are registered trademark agents.  Their expertise and experience in this area includes trademarks, tradenames, patents, copyright law, intellectual property, trade secrets and license agreements.

Education Law

Don Shanks and Jordan Lester devote a substantial amount of their practice to Education Law. Jordan and Don represent Boards of Education in Northwestern Ontario and provide advice on a variety of issues to these boards, their trustees, and administrators.

Don’s newsletter on Education Law is a valuable tool to administrators in keeping current with the ever-changing issues in this field.

In past years, Don has presented seminars on Trustee’s duties, rights and responsibilities, as orientation sessions for Trustees, including sessions on the Conflict of Interest Act. Don has been a regular presenter at the Northern School Resource Alliance Conferences for its Member and Client Boards on legal issues including updates and changes in education law.

Don also regularly presents a Principal Seminar dealing with custody and access issues in a school setting and suspension/expulsion policy and procedure. In February of 2007, at the request of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Don attended an introductory session over two days to assist the Tribunal in establishing a new procedure for hearings under the new Act to Amend the Human Rights Code 2006. In April 2007, Don attended Churchill High School Education Law Day to speak to its Teachers on the Education Act and how it affects them.

Don attended the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association’s (OPSBA) 19th Annual General Meeting & Program 2007 in Deerhurst, and was a presenter at their “Conference of the North and Regional Meeting” in Sault Ste. Marie.

Human Rights Law

One of the staples of our democratic society in Canada is our commitment to human rights regulations. It is crucial for businesses today to exercise vigilance when it comes to human rights issues and their compliance during hiring practices, daily employment, and other standards outlined in the Human Rights Code and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

At Cheadles we are experienced at handling human rights claims, especially those relating to employment and labour law, and education law.

Jordan LesterNathan Wainwright, and Michel Caza devote a portion of their practices to human rights matters.

Public-Private Joint Ventures

Increasingly, limits are being placed upon the public purse. Municipal and other levels of government are looking for ways to involve the private sector in funding and operating infrastructure or facilities that traditionally are operated exclusively by the public sector. Cheadles has a history of aiding in ventures that merge these two sectors.